Yevgen Samborsky – Velvet Nothing

It happens one wants to explain a certain thought to people but fails to formulate it. Words are searched for, but they are like senseless sounds, like empty bubbles from comic strips, it is as if words are lacking. It happens so, does it not? It is here that the time of art arrives as a way of communication, art which can through its means replace the hours of empty conversations and explanations. It is not worthwhile to expatiate, it is time to work.

Evgeny Samborsky’s exhibition “Velvet Nothing” is just an example of how the human being attempts to sort out his feelings and the surrounding world, testing it in motion, without superfluous words, without asking or believing answers, but learning it through own experience. Articles presented at the exhibition are an attempt to fully show how much happens around us and how wide the range of choice is in modern world. “Velvet Nothing” is the matter which turns out new to us, and everyone can delve into it and sense its influence. Is it dangerous or not? The answer will be known only after we are soaked through, sponge-like, with new information. And this not abstract graphomania, for if one thinks hard, such a submersion is an inseparable part of any human being. Not the motion itself during submersion is important here, but the moment when it’s clear to you that the first step is already taken.

As a known saying goes, curiosity killed the cat… but maybe, it didn’t. And maybe, not the cat alone? Nothing ventured, nothing gained.

Samborsky’s works are inspired by several factors and conditionally divided into two stylistic branches originating in the end of the 1990s and developing simultaneously up to the present time. One is provoked by an early desire to paint and further academic art education, the other is caused by subcultural influences of the streets and juvenile attempts to assert himself in them. Being a self-expression of one creative unit, the boundaries between them are blurred, and it is difficult to refer a finished result to this or that essence of his. Street experiments are the foundation for gallery projects, and in painting in the street, preserving spray as a means of expression, trends of expressionism, minimalism, and conceptual art are often taken as the basis.

“My work often begins with studying the environment in which I find myself at a particular moment. Sometimes I interfere with nature, sometimes take the paints of natural or artificial materials from it to use in my projects. Often concepts of works are built on observations of natural phenomena, specifics of human behavior, and many other things attracting my attention. It is with the help of visual practices that I maintain my principal dialog with the society of our days”.