Milk & Vodka – 3.4.5

3 4 5 is a game of figures where detached human life can be progressed. Art involves us into the game of the observer after a life from outside where we can see ourselves or something familiar. Milk & Vodka have created twelve installations and the canvases which metaphorically display the course of a life as a supervalue which is given to a person. Mechanical functioning is the only visible part of genesis of consciousness and the soul shektered in the body.

Small mechanisms incorporate into the one. Setting it in motion, they become inseparable and failure of one leads to the breakage of the whole. A life as a matter of fact, the chain of the fragments connected among themselves settling in memory, those insignificant are shown easily and picturesquely exquisitely, those significant disappear in depths and if you want to release them huge efforts are needed. To exist as a spectator is comfortable and entertaining, to exist as a founder is difficult and laborious, but the result consists in the interaction of both subjects for comprehension as definitive purpose of action of a life or half-opening as intermediate stage of it. The life is morphed into history, and its art interprets and changes, thus the result creates a different history, to discover might be inspiring.