Maksim Ima – Fiction

Graffiti and Street Art are original cultures, which function only in an illegal form. Permeated with the spirit of rebellion, they appear where they are not expected, where it is forbidden to be! Graffiti today might be the only honest art, which is not encumbered by the market laws and opinions of other people. It neither surrounds itself with a false glamour, nor does it crave enrichment. It is costly and dangerous, yet it has always been and will continue to be.

The current exhibition is a certain experiment, during which the “pieces of streets” will be torn out, cruelly distorted, and violently placed into the space with general visual access. One art format will be transferred into another, and that is incredibly difficult to do, and possibly not right, but it is overwhelmingly interesting. Such unwary steps lead either to dead of things or to their transformation. The question is: what is better, to die or to change, giving under the pressure of the social system.

While studying the works, presented at the exhibition, one should not look for their meaning. It has been lost since the moment they were placed here. The aim of the projects is not to incorporate a foreign body into this space, but to draw attention to the fact, that there is art outside exhibition halls, museums, and galleries, which is worthy of note. All we should do is to learn to notice it!