Aurora Fashion Week


Having worked for some time as designer’s assistant in Issey Miyake, Takashi has joined the command of Tamae Hirokawa SOMA DESIGN. He created music compositions for all shows of Somarta brand. In 2010 Takashi established his own unisex label for menswear and womenswear MOLFIC in which, according to the designer, he unites minimalism and functionality. MOLFIC’ s premier show took place at Japan Fashion Week.

Arai Sara

Arai Sara, brought up in Beijing, graduated from Fashion College Sakuragaoka. After her debut in China she moved to Tokyo to set up her own label. Her made-to-order clothes are of extreme comfort and beautiful lines. She started her pret-a-porter line in 2008 to express the connection between traditional oriental culture and fashion. Sara has devoted a lot of time to studying traditional Japanese methods of coloring fabrics and she uses a new technique in every collection. Today exclusive size-free dresses by Arai Sara enjoy wide popularity among celebrities in Japan and China.