Aleksey Spy – Twilight

For understanding the creativity of any poet, it is important to know the overall culture context, tradition, vital and cultural relationship as well, especially the social environment, which directly and ideologically has an influence on poet and which is reflected in his activities with varying degrees of involvement. One could never understand the artist’s poetry without the knowledge about the time he lived within, about the condition of it’s time period, about the creative strategy. Twilight…

When it is not yet quite dark and when it is not so light – this time thoughts could haunt your mind. Twilight gain the dialogue with the creation – you are left alone with yourself, your neighbors go to sleep and nothing will prevent you from doing your job, nothing will distract you from the creation.

“Twilight” by Aleksey Spy – the collection of stories (each of them could be a separate story …) from the twilight, the stories, that could happen to every one of us. Some people are always there. Some people – occasionally. Some people are allured with them. Some people – turn it down. But anyway – we are all dealing with them – more or less.


He was born in Leningrad, in the family of workers and peasants. He grew up on the street.

He made his first graffiti. He consisted in several teams, but grew roots nowhere, even in the team of his own. After immigrants` emergence in his team – abandoned it.

First graffiti exhibition in the Crystal Palace Cinema. He began to explore the space of the city as a platform for abstract graffiti, which had eventually led to public art. The traditional graffiti died in the works of Aleksey Spy once and for all.

He developed the concept and the basic vision of the Search And Upgrade Project, embodying and experimenting on the street.

Search And Upgrade Project was launched together with Nikita TDF

The RESULTS Exhibition. The Exhibition Hall of the Peter and Paul Fortress. St. Petersburg

ROHTO. Central Exhibition Hall Manege. With the support of Nordic Council of Ministers.

The Rollback (OTKAT) Festival. Squat on the Rimsky-Korsakov Street. St. Petersburg

He did not participate in any exhibition projects deliberately

The EXIBITION (the VISTAVKA). Griboedov Club. St. Petersburg.
The Sketch Show. The Pu – erh tea house. St. Petersburg

The exhibition in the Lilienthal Restaurant. Moscow
The Exhibition in the City Celebrity Gallery. St. Petersburg
The Festival Perm Live. River port. Perm
The Skate Cube. The exhibition of skateboard paintings.
The presentation of the City Celebrity Draft on Afisha picnic. Kolomenskoye Park. Moscow
“Beware! The courage”. Squat of Invictus 17. St. Petersburg.
The Festival “Street. Place for all”. Squat Ural 6. St. Petersburg
Art-Kyiv 2010. Mistetsky Arsenal
The Secret Show “Twilight”. The Protvor Exhibition Hall. St. Petersburg

Aleksey Spy, the outstanding artist. Monumentalist, graphic artist, the “foreman”, regards himself as a new wave nano-artists, who works in a unique manner of the infantile realism. His ideas can be changed regarding to his mood, he explores acute reflection forms in painting and visual solutions of the urban space He is the first one in Russia, who uses the closed and inaccessible advertising space in order to relay his reflections to the world.